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10/31/16 10:30 AM
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Hopkins School Site Council

School Site Council

SSC:  School Site Council  The purpose of SSC is to oversee the school program, including the curriculum and instructional practices.  This group ensures that the needs of all students are a priority.  In addition to assisting in the LCAP, the SSC monitors the SPPA.  This group also oversees the SIP (School Improvement Plan) budget. 


SPPA:  Single Plan for Pupil AchievementThis is the plan developed to ensure continuous improvement of our school.  We write the plan for Hopkins.  It is rewritten yearly to reflect the needs of our current students.  It is available on the district website. 


Who is SSC ?- SSC is made up of an equal number of parents and staff.  Parents are elected by parents and staff by the staff.  At Hopkins we have 3 students, 3 parents or community members, 3 teachers, one classified staff member and the principal.  It is important to have members that represent the school community. 


SSC meetings take place 3-5 times per school year.   Each meeting a different part of the school program will be presented to the group.  The budget is also a focus of the meetings, to make sure we are spending money on the goals in the SPPA. 


Agenda & Meeting Minutes:

March 9, 2023

January 12th, 2023

October 06, 2022


Student Members

Santhosh Arunkumar (7th grade student)

Cara Wang (7th grade student)

Joseph Miao (8th grade student)

Ishaan Upadhyay (8th grade student)



Community Members

Ramya Chadrasekaran (7th Grade Parent)

Sandhya Khurana (7th grade Parent)


School Members
T. Boteilho (510) 656-3500 ex: 38012 Teacher-English/Drama/Speech
P. Cornett (510) 656-3500 Teacher - Science
Nancy Kuei Principal
S. Loob-SYS ex: 38105 Sys Admin/Registrar
M. Sheaffer (510) 656-3500 Teacher - English