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Hopkins School Site Council

School Site Council

SSC:  School Site Council  The purpose of SSC is to oversee the school program, including the curriculum and instructional practices.  This group ensures that the needs of all students are a priority.  In addition to assisting in the LCAP, the SSC monitors the SPPA.  This group also oversees the SIP (School Improvement Plan) budget. 


SPPA:  Single Plan for Pupil AchievementThis is the plan developed to ensure continuous improvement of our school.  We write the plan for Hopkins.  It is rewritten yearly to reflect the needs of our current students.  It is available on the district website. 


Who is SSC ?- SSC is made up of an equal number of parents and staff.  Parents are elected by parents and staff by the staff.  At Hopkins we have 3 students, 3 parents or community members, 3 teachers, one classified staff member and the principal.  It is important to have members that represent the school community. 


SSC meetings take place 3-5 times per school year.   Each meeting a different part of the school program will be presented to the group.  The budget is also a focus of the meetings, to make sure we are spending money on the goals in the SPPA. 

School Site Council

School Site Council ~ Agenda

October 06, 2022

2:45pm- 3:45 in The D Nest (Flex Space)


  1. Call meeting to order:  2:45 PM


  1. Introduce members:


  • Nancy Kuei (Principal)

  • Melanie Sheaffer (ELAC Representative)

  • Theresa Boteilho (Teacher)

  • Sonja Loob (Classified Staff)

  • Paul Cornett (Teacher)



Ramya Chadrasekaran (7th Grade Parent)

 Sandhya Khurana (7th grade Parent)

Santhosh Arunkumar (7th grade student)

Cara Wang (7th grade student)

Joseph Miao (8th grade student)

Ishaan Upadhyay (8th grade student)


  1. Election of Officers:  Motioned to approve, 2nd motion by Sandhya

  1. Chair - Melanie Sheaffer

  2. Secretary - Sonja Loob - 


  1. Approve Minutes: Motioned to approve

Minutes from May 12th 2022 


  1. Approved the Meeting Schedule: Meetings are one per quarter. Sometimes dates don’t line up so a meeting may get canceled.

    1. 10/6, 1/12, 3/9, 5/11 from 2:45-3:45  Motioned to approve


  1. What is SSC:  

    1. Agenda, Minutes, and SPSA plan will be posted to our website

    2. SSC Bylaws

      1. Proposed change in # of representatives

    3. Slide Deck SSC 2021 

Ms. Kuei - Set of bylaws - need members to look over and approve or make changes.

Must have equal numbers of staff and student/parent members

Ramya - Is this new?

Ms. Kuei - No, it has always been this way

Cara motioned to approve and Ishaan 2nd the motion


  1. Public Comment @ 3:45 pm

None -students spoke, this was entered under student comments


  1. Budget Update:  Ramya motioned to approve, Sandhya 2nd the motion

 a.    Review discretionary budget

Review LCAP Library Fund - 

Approve LCAP Intervention Funds-


       Ms. Kuei - The district gives us a discretionary budget every year. What we do not use, goes back to

       the district.  Funds go towards subs, extra hours, security. We can move funds around to use where 

       they are needed.

        Certificated 4,000

       Classified 716

       Statutory 1,274

       Total Services: 13,980

        Budgeted: 53,470

        Available balance: 8,064


      Ishaan - Does it cover chrome books?

      Ms. Kuei - District covers those

      Santhosh - wifi - it takes a while and shuts down. Missing time trying to log back in.

      Ramya - Is the library part of the budget?

      Ms. Sheaffer - They have their own budget.

      Joseph - If carts/chrome books are supplied by district, what does the technology funds cover?

      Ms. Sheaffer - other items like projectors, screens


  1. Fund Request Review

       Ms. Sheaffer - Ms. Kuei would like meetings on campus. I am excited about this. Meetings will be  

       held at night.

       Ramya - Is ELAC specific to Hopkins only?

       Ms. Sheaffer - No. We have 48 students now. A lot of these families just moved to the country.

       Cara - What does ELAC stand for

       Ms. Kuei - English Learner Advisory Committee


       Ms. Kuei - Math/Science Intervention started last year by Radhika. She would like to bring it back.

       Looking at Wednesday’s with 6 workshops specifically targeting students receiving D’s and F’s in

       Science and Math.         

       Ishaan - Are there going to be other meetings in other subjects?

       Ms. Kuei - Right now it is just science/math. The target is math intervention

       Ishaan motioned to approve, Santosh 2nd the motion.


        Ms. Kuei - The next one is from me for 4 workshops. They will send someone over with all the

        Needed materials. Up to 25 students can attend a workshop. Program will widen students access to 

        art and creative expressions.

        Ramya -  How would you select the 25 students?

        Ms. Kuei - We will have a sign up sheet in the office. One workshop per student. If extra openings 

        for one of the workshops we will have a waitlist to go by.

        Ishaan - Will the worksop be an elective for these students?

        Ms. Sheaffer - EL students do not have electives.

        Cara motioned to approve and Ms. Sheaffer 2nd the motion.


  1. ELAC Update: By Ms. Sheaffer

    1. Explain program -

EL Students#  ELD1 - 4 students, ELD2 - 5 students, ELD3 - 14 students, Special Day 7 students

  1. Testing - This will be done in April.

  2. Reclassification - Need to score grade level. 20 kids who can reclassify. iReady is really hard.

  3. Parent Representative


  1. New Business - None



  1. Principal Report - Library-We are looking for staff to help with the library before and after school. Hopefully during Flex as well. We will be limiting it to 25 Flex passes to the library.


Lunchtime - yes, I agree the lines are long. Today was 10 minutes and yesterday was 20 minutes. Having to type in your ID is holding up the line. I am asking the district for more machines.


Social coming up on the 21st. ASB costs $20. Will get you into the 3 socials which cost $10. For free.  We will be distributing the ASB cards before the social.


International walk and roll to school is next Wednesday. We will be handing prizes out to students who walk, ride their bikes or car pool to school.


We have a new girls basketball coach. She is an explayer and previous coach. Excited to have her join us.


The Spanish Dual Immersion class will be setting up Dio de la Muerte on Nov. 2nd.


  1. Student Report - Santhosh- the projector in 1st period doesn't work so how can we see the bulletin? A lot of kids are missing it.

Cara - need better clarification on grading. Vending machines would be nice too.

Ishaan - lunch and passing times the quad is really crowded. Why can’t we sit by the bandroom?

Ms. Kuei - We have limited staff to supervise

Ishaan - Big school but no room for students 

Joseph - yeah, more benches as a lot of people sit on the ground



  1. Parent Report - 

             Sandhya - Construction noise is distracting to the students

             Ishaan - you can hear the workers on the roof

             Santhosh - I don’t really hear too much.

             Sandhya - girls locker room - water leak. My daughter came home with mosquito bites. Needs to 

             be looked into.


  1. Staff Report: 

Ms. Boteilho - Selvin was injured and leadership made him a garden. The Drama and Talent shows will be held in the MUR.

Mr. Cornett - Science is settling in.

Ms. Sheaffer - nothing.


  1. Other 

Next meeting, January 12, 2023

Meeting end: 3:52 PM



Student Members

Santhosh Arunkumar (7th grade student)

Cara Wang (7th grade student)

Joseph Miao (8th grade student)

Ishaan Upadhyay (8th grade student)



Community Members

Ramya Chadrasekaran (7th Grade Parent)

Sandhya Khurana (7th grade Parent)


School Members
T. Boteilho (510) 656-3500 ex: 38223 Teacher-English/Drama/Speech
P. Cornett (510) 656-3500 Teacher - Science
Nancy Kuei Principal
S. Loob-SYS ex: 38105 Sys Admin/Registrar
M. Sheaffer (510) 656-3500 Teacher - English