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Hello Stargazer's!
Welcome to Hopkin's Jr. High Planetarium


Email Address:
Phone #510-656-3500 ex: 38020
Best time to call: 9:15am to 10:30 am


     The Hopkin's Planetarium is a working planetarium available for the Kindergarten through 6th grade field trips. It has 70 seats with shows featuring the Spitz Starball and a NEW digital projection systems. Please contact Mrs. Alexander to book your field trip today.





The Next Generation Science Standards can be found here. In Fremont, the middle grades (6-8) are integrated so that Earth, life and physical science concepts are taught in all three grades. Both 7th and 8th grade courses also include the district-mandated comprehensive health, puberty, and sexuality education program.


7th Grade Topics: 

Structures and Properties of Matter, Energy, Ecosystems, Chemical Change, Plate Tectonics, Biodiversity, and Human Impact 


8th Grade Topics: 

Forces and Motion, Energy, Waves, Astronomy, Evolution and Natural Selection, and Human Impact

Y. Alexander (510) 656-3500 ex: 38020 Science Teacher
P. Cornett (510) 656-3500 Teacher - Science
A. Crickmore Teacher - Science
R. Matar Teacher - Science
K. Rios ex: 38025 Teacher - Science
V. Sethi (510) 656-3500 ex: 38018 Teacher - Science
A. Trahan Teacher - Science