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Hawk Nation Rocks
Hawk Nation Rocks
Leadership Elective Rocks Hawk Nation

Electives Photo Album

Dia de los Muertos -Sra Marquez 2022
Dia de los Muertos -Senora Marquez Spanish 1 &2
Sra Marquez Dia de los Muertos 2022  Spanish Elective
Leadership Class presents T.U.P.E. to peers
Leadership Students present to their peers.
TUPE Classroom Presentations with Leadership Elective 2022
Ceramics Elective
Fish small size 2022
Ceramic fish shine!
Robotics Elective
Students collaborate to plan and design Hopkins Yearbook pages.
French Class Learns Culture & Language
French 1 & 2 are active at Hopkins !
Yule Log Cakes in Class (Buche de Noel)
Film Elective Visits Disney Museum
Film Elective at Disney Museum 2022
Film Class at Disney Museum 2022
Art Elective Creativy !
Art at Hopkins
Arts & Crafts Elective 2022
Music Elective (Band, Orchestra)
Halloween Orchestra Performance
students frightened
Rehearsing to be *frightened* in Drama